Sexy, Confident, Articulate Bodies for the Performing Artists


Veteran teacher/choreographer/performance coach Cindera Che originally designed the class for actors with little or no dance training to help them express themselves more fully with their bodies. Over two decades, the program has grown and evolved into an exhilarating celebration of creativity and freedom through movement for artists of all genres.

Using imagery and storytelling, Cindera gives directions which are easily understood and highly effective, helping students connect how they’re moving with the music they’re hearing and the emotion they’re feeling. It’s movement in its purest, most powerful form.

Cindera’s Movement for Actors class is a wonderful, safe place to let go of inhibition and start to trust your inner song. It is not just any old movement class. It's an environment where being "bad" is "good".

I am no dancer but everyone's body has a story to tell and Movement for Actors helped me to liberate the on going saga my body must tell. It has helped me in every aspect of my life not just my career.

- Tracee Ross, Actress, Black-ish


Dance is an important way for actors to get in touch with their emotions. Cindera’s class is a terrific tool for this. Her Movement for Actors class enhances every actor’s versatility.

- Amanda Glazer, Talent Agent


Having been a professional dancer for over a decade, stopping for several years, and then discovering the urge to return to class – Cindera’s “Movement for Actors” couldn’t be a more perfect fit if she tried.  I get all the same benefits of the joy and passion I always felt for dancing, without all the pressures (and injuries) of being a “Diva”.  To be guided by her energy and commitment that artists are whole beings, is absolutely refreshing and inspiring.  Thank you Cindera for restoring my love for dance.

- Elaine Hendrix, Actress, Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll


This is definitely the most outside-of-the-box coaching I've ever experienced. Usually I focus on the movement and what the body is doing, not so much about where the movement is coming from. In a lot of ways, it is coming from the inside. Normally I am reserved and I keep my emotion inside. She was really able to get that out of me. It was so great working with Cindera. She's amazing."

- Kristi Yamaguchi, Olympic Gold Medalist, World Champion Figure Skater, Winner of Dancing With the Stars


I had the best time ever. Cindera is a genius.

- Jeff Goldblum, Actor, Independence Day


Cindera Makes her class exciting and non-threatening for non-dancers and a great place to play for dancers.

- Melora Hardin, Actress, Transparent


Cindera’s class is addictive, fun, sexy and inspiring. What is special about Cindera's dance class? You don't just move. She moves you to be better.

- Illeana Douglas, Actress, Ugly Betty


Cindera's class is not only about dancing with ease and style, but more about the greatest freedom of all - to express with your whole self and being the person you truly are.

- Jacly Smith, Actress, Charlie's Angeles


I joined Cindera’s class to pass the dance cut at musical theater auditions. In addition to conquering those cuts, I’ve since discovered my passion for dance — and a great, compassionate teacher who’s impacted all I do.

- Erik Liberman, Actor and Author


What I've learned in this class is to release what I feel inside in that moment and express it with my body like a powerful explosion.

- Reynaldo Gianecchini, Actor, Belissima


Cindera Che is a remarkable teacher! As an arts education director, it is imperative I hire people who are passionate about their profession, knowledgeable and nurturing. I have seen students go from having little or no knowledge of dance or movement to gaining more self confidence, a sense of fun, and increased awareness about their bodies. She is the kind of teacher every student hopes for and every conservatory is extremely fortunate to have.

- Marilyn Tokuda, Arts Education Director East West Players


What Cindera does is “pure magic.” I send all my clients to her and they come back transformed. I believe movement is essential to the training of all actors. And Cindera is the best!!

- Jon Simmons, Manager and Acting Coach


Cindera is far more than a wonderful dance teacher. She’s an inspiration. Her Movement for Actors class returns to dance the fun, creativity and spirit of play we all crave as performers.

- Kent Klineman, Tony Award Winning Actor, Acting Coach


No matter where you are in your craft, you will experience yourself like never before. It is gut-level, ethereal, impulsive, primal.  Get in your body and out of your head.  Take The Che Way.

- Adam Mayfield, Actor, Days of Our Lives


Cindera 's talents are second to none. Her ability to transform the motionless into fluidity is remarkable.  Her understanding of lyric interpretation is unmatched and I highly recommend her talents to any and all act/artist I produce. Having an artist truly understand movement and the link between the words they sing is paramount, this she embraces better than any!!.  A++++

- Kurt Howell, Music Producer


I have been a dedicated student of Cindera’s m4a class for the last decade. As a female producer, I had forever struggled with the need to squash my femininity to earn the respect of my male peers and underlings. By giving me the freedom to unleash my passion for dance, my sexuality and my womanly confidence, Cindera has been instrumental in changing the way I work, the way I live, the way I love. Her teachings are paramount to building a well balanced existence for myself. She has enhanced and enriched my life in ways I never thought possible.

- Lisa Grezo, Producer


Cindera Should rename her class Movement for Artists since you don’t have to be an actor to benefit from her teaching. The whole premise is to get out of your head, into your body, and to be creative in the moment regardless of your experience level as a dancer. As a writer who can get way too bogged down with thoughts, expectations and judgments, I find her class not just liberating and invigorating, but actually therapeutic. 

- Amanda Marks, Writer/Producer