Movement For Actors


a dance class that will make you laugh harder, scream louder and

love deeper...


... will help anyone to increase body confidence, break down inhibitions and elevate their artistic expression.

Veteran teacher/choreographer/performance coach Cindera Che originally designed the class for actors with little or no dance training to help them express themselves more fully with their bodies. Over 15 years, the class has grown and evolved into an exhilarating celebration of creativity and freedom through movement for artists and non-artists alike.

Using imagery and story telling, Cindera gives directions which are easily understood and highly effective, helping students connect how they’re moving with the music they’re hearing and the emotion they’re feeling. It’s movement in it’s purest, most powerful form.

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Movement For Actors


Class Schedule


  1. 1:00-2:30 pm


   Note: This class has been

   renamed and listed as

   Jazz I. Taught with the same

   emphasis with added focus

   on technique.

   The Edge Performing Arts

   Center  - 1020 N. Cole Ave.

   Hollywood, 90038

   Price: $ 10-$ 13

   per single class

   All classes are on going.